31 May 2024

The Good Ending

Plushie once stolen, is now in my hands!


Small blog post today but I'm happy so I wanna post!!
This is the Eggbug plushie, the mascot for cohost.org! It was supposed to be delivered to me roughly a month ago... but was stolen!! Porch pirates came by, opened my mailbox, (our landlord never provided us with a key to lock it) took the package out, opened the package on the spot, took the plushie out of the Makeship bag, and threw the bag and packaging onto the ground! It lookeded like a crime scene when I walked out. With what little income I do have to spend on hobbies like plushie collecting, I was devistated, to the point of tears. Why would someone steal a plushie of all things, of such an obscure website, and to leave the packaging all over the ground, as if to taunt me?!

Of course, I immedietly reached out to Makeship and the delievery company, to which the couriers responsed first, confirming (with pictures) that the package was delivered inside the mailbox. Makeship however... took THREE WEEKS.


However, when they FINALLY got back to me, it was a smooth proccess. They asked for an address, and I gave them a postal box address this time. I aint ever getting stuff delievered straight home anymore. A week later,


Now, while I do wish the original porch pirate a very stubbed toe tonight, now that I have my own Eggbug, I can only hope the thief is enjoying their plushie! Who am I to be mad when we BOTH have plushies now?! It's a win/win.

Anyway, short update, but I wanna do more of these little posts about life, cuz this is my net space and I can do what I want!!!!!!!