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25 March 2024

I Complete Dark Souls 3 Every Year

My comfort game

My second YouTube video is here! This time, it's about Dark Souls 3 and why I think it's really cool

The video mainly touches upon how my familiarity with the game has caused it to become somewhat of a comfort game for me, a digital home away from home where I can just sink a few hours into whenever I'm feeling lost or alone. I talk about parts of the gameplay I like, the systems, and the gameplay loop that I enjoy.

There's parts of the script and recording that I totally could have done better; I feel like I need to slow down when I'm getting through the script for one, as I've stumbled over my words without realising until I'm already editing haha. I also think I need to get a dedicated microphone to record with, using just my phone with a pop filter on top isn't the greatest setup of all time lol

The next video will be about my silly little minecraft village. I'm going to try and get videos uploaded onto my Patreon first when they're completed, and then on YouTube on mondays.

Hope y'all have been enjoying these thusfar, I'm going to try and keep it weekly, aim for a 10 minute~ video as they're easy enough to do.

See ya soon!