29 March 2024

Testin' Stuff

My website should be so much easier to update now!

If you haven't noticed any changes to the website, good! These updates I've been working on have been very behind-the-scenes, and very hacked together!

I wanted to do as much as possible using only HTML and CSS, to maintain not only that old look, and feel, but old way of doing things. I don't think I achieved that last part very well though lol.

So what I've got set up right jow is very janky, and I mean it. The header, left and right sidebars, footer, and even CSS are all HTML files that get loaded from this file I call "AssetWorld".

Asset World

As you can see, it's not the most ideal way of doing things, (CSS in a HTML file?! you may ask, for some reason, the CSS I've got doesn't work in a CSS file, but it does work if written in a HTML file with style tags) but it's my way of doing things. Since I'm the one who made it, it makes a lot of sense to me!

I tried looking up how to use a Static Site Generator (or SSG) but for the life of me couldn't figure out how to actually get the thing to work. Now, I'm no luddite, but I'm far from the tech-savvy computer-wizz my parents think I am. I'm failing my fellow trans girlies by not being computer smart enough for that kinda thing.

However! This system is going to work for me, I think. I don't need to make massive sweeping changes to my website, and if I do, it shouldn't be too hard to go through and replace a few lines here and there. With any luck, I'll be able to keep this site simple and retro, and just optimise or tweak small things here and there. Basically, the framework, the skeleton, of the website, is complete. I can get around to fleshing out the pages that are still under construction, and finally have this thing as an honest-to-gods portfolio website. Pretty neat!

I'll start by fleshing out the "Links" page (HUGE thank you to y'all who sent me your personal websites, I'll be sure to include them!) and then move on to the "Contacts" page. Once those are done, it's time to get started on the Gallery. I'm unsure exactly what form that page will take, but I'm just gonna wait and see what works. It might be something completelty seperate from the main site, if I feel like that's the right way to go. This is a learning journey for me, that's for sure!

Anyways, next blog post will likely be about the different web pages that people sent me, I'm gonna do some exploring and then do a writeup! I plan to make a video on cool indie web pages someday, maybe once my next video about Minecraft video is complete.

If you like what you've been seeing and you're interested in supporting my work, please consider joining my Patreon or throwing a buck or two into the Tip Jar. Things have been a little uncertain since I left F-Class, and I'm trying to find other means of income, so any support you throw my way is greatly appriciated.

Thanks for reading, and see you in the next one!