31 March 2024

I Love The Internet

I've only just begun my journey into exploring the outer web!

You may have noticed some changes on my website if you've been visiting over the past 24 hours, there's now a bunch of buttons, the links page is up, and hey see that cool thing on the right? hell yeah. Cool people, cool websites!! There was even a music player! (which I removed because it broke parts of the site, looking into alternitives!)

I've decided I'm gonna stop pinning so many websites to my browser, and keep start adding buttons to my site and using that to bookmark things! As you can see, it hasn't even been that long and I've already got a handful of awesome links! HUGE thank you to the peeps who submitted their links to me, if you wanna get added to the links page, send an email to baz.leverdesign@gmail.com with the subject line "Website Button - [YOUR SITE NAME HERE]" and I'll check it out!

I'm already looking to either start or join a webring, and the more I explore other's websites, the more inspired I get to add more cool things to my website!! I'm probably gonna axe the "Contact" page, put that info in the Profile page, and replace it with a "For You" page that'll include some neat goodies for other netizens to take and use as they see fit.

Pretty neat, huh?

I've learnt that working on my website and exploring other people's websites is like, totally my kind of hyperfixation. I don't think I've been this hyperfocused on something in many, many years. I feel like a kid again, and my imagination is running wild!!

The face of 'Mukky's World' is very public facing, and I feel feel like I wanna go ahead and create a new website that's a lot more personal, something where I can just add page after page of unique and cool web stuff, without having to worry about uniformity like I do for this website. Doesn't mean I'm gonna abandon this website at all, no of course not, this is my blog after all! Having two cool sites would just mean I can express myself more in a internet-y way :3

While I've got you here, here's a bunch of really cool websites I've found while exploring the web!

First we've got sadgirl.online, while it's now in an inactive "archived" state, it's still an inavaluable resource for those looking to get into building their own web spaces, like this one!

Lulu's website feels special. You can just feel the passion ooze from this page. It's full of amazing pages and interesting words, as well as some fun stuff!! If you love the old web, do yourself a favor and check out this one. Websites like these are what the internet was made for

I don't have too much to say about this one, it's just cool. Kit's mamaged to make their website's aesthetic just so...... on point...... I need to have a few pages that capture this vibe. Giving this a "Hell yeah".

Warp.zone is a treat for the eyes. The originality seen in the creation of this website is something to be marveled at, it's just so.... COOL!!!! Jumping from page to page gives me this feeling of excitement just wondering what's around the corner, it's so pretty!!!

If you wanna see all the websites I find cool or interesting, check out the Links page! I'm gonna be diving deeper and deeper into the web, and I hope you do too!!

If there's one takeaway from my exploration and creation, it's that making a website is super easy, and with neocities, it's free too! Everyone Should make a website. You should make a website!! I wanna see your website!!!!!!! Social media is a scourge! Bring back community!!! I'll stop now before I write a manifesto; because that's gonna be it's own page soon enough >:)

Keep exploring!! Be unashamedly yourself!! I'll see you in the next one :P